AE脚本 – 图层标记重映射脚本 Aescripts Marker Remap v1.3

2018.12.13 脚本/预设 776 坐电梯去下载

AE脚本 - 图层标记重映射脚本 Aescripts Marker Remap v1.3 脚本/预设-第1张

Marker Remap will change the way you work:
Reuse pre-comps at entirely different timings
Easily frame-hold pre-comp segments
Trigger pre-comp sequences in any order
Add flags to marker names to time reverse or loop marker segments
Retime complex sequences that would take hours to retime manually
or that are confusing to keep track of with native time remapping keyframes
or time stretching workflows


支持 Win/Mac系统 AE CC 2017 或更高版本的软件


以用键盘的 Ctrl+V 粘贴,或鼠标 右键→粘贴。

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