C4D粒子插件X-particles2.1 汉化版 Cinema 4D R13-R19都可用WIN+Mac

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C4D粒子插件X-particles2.1 汉化版

适用C4D版本: R13-R19


注意:支持Win系统 +Mac

X-Particles是一个令人难以置信的强大的粒子系统,允许用户创建流体,粒子油漆等等。X-Particles允许精确控制粒子的几乎所有参数使用问题和行动。它不使用标准的CINEMA 4D 粒子发射器或Thinking Particles思维粒子,还有Xpresso。X-Particles 2.5被提名为2014年3D World CG Awards 2014(三维世界CG大奖),这是值得祝贺的事情,也是众望所归。

In the Freeze action, a Freeze modifier can now be turned on or off for any particle, as with other actions controlling modifiers.
Added ability to turn off drawing the emitter shape in the editor
Added ability to emit from polygon object edges.
Added new ‘Sub-Folder’ object and a button to create one to all folder nulls.
New connection mode – ‘Cluster’- in the Trail object.
New ‘Box’ particle display mode.
Added ability to turn off Sprite or Generator object generated geometry in the editor and back on to render, speeding up scene caching.
Added ability to trigger actions from the Change Group modifier when the particle group is changed.
Added ring emission mode to the circle emitter.
Added multishader compatibility to the Sprite object.
Added a gradient to distribute particle groups in the emitter.
New controls added to the Rotator modifier to allow accel/decel of angular velocity.
New trigger mode added to the emitter and Change Emitter action.
In the Rotator modifier, actions can be triggered when a particle reaches escape velocity.
The Scale modifier can now scale the particle radius as an alternative to scaling geometry.

This is the last version I will release. The newer versions eat up too much of my time

C4D粒子插件X-particles2.1 汉化版 Cinema 4D R13-R19都可用WIN+Mac 未分类-第1张




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